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Engine Device PRAUS-PP(Pd No. : 3003587)

(Updated : Dec/24/2014)
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Model Nm PRAUSPP-1 -3003587
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[Product Description]


PRAUS-PP is a device for accel pedal.


PRAUS Product Information

1. Product Name: PRAUS, The origin of the word: A famed wild horse in Greek: Gentle

2. Constituent of Product: PRAUS is a new material and technology as a product which is made with many rare earth materials mixed and transformed into ceramic by sintering and then a program chip and rare earth permanent magnet inserted and energized.

3. Application: Application to the internal-combustion engine of vehicle or ship

A. Installation method and Practical use: For a car, it is basically installed on the accelerator pedal and time required for installation is about 2~3minutes. It can be simply installed without damage to a car, its life is semi-permanent and it can be easily removed and reinstalled on other car.

1) Effect and Function: Immediately on installation of PRAUS, the engine has light sound, its noise is reduced and the exhaust gas is removed. There are immediate changed such as relief of vibration, prevention of knocking, prevention of engine hesitation and prevention of static electricity and the performance is continuously improved. After installation, it can make an immediate acceleration without kick-down at start and theaccelerating force gets faster by 3~5times than usual. The dirt in the engine is removed, the power/horsepower is increased and even the torque is increased.

※ As the reduction of speed is relieved even if the foot is taken off the accelerator pedal, fuel cut is easy. (Fuel Cut: It is a function to cut fuel by ECU judging that fuel is not necessary when the foot is taken off the accelerator pedal for coating operation in driving a car. It usually varies depending on type of a car but the fuel cut occurs at more than 50km/h for a car with high power and about 80km/h for a car with low power.) The PRAUS-installed car advances the operation time of fuel cut and keeps the fuel cut duration longer.

2) Main function

(1) Reduction of noise, Softness of engine, Light engine noise (Quiet like an electric car, Convenient and soft accelerating, Improved accelerating force)

(2) Prevention of knocking (High grade gasoline has a good combustion power but the price is expensive and the fuel efficiency is not so good. No knocking occurs even if high grade gasoline is not used.) Lower sensory speed: The speed sensed as 100km/h at 150km/h

(3) It provides a good grip force and excellent cornering ability. The braking force is improved and operated softly with relief of leaning forward or aside and the car stops lightly without the braking noise and skid marks

(4) The energy transferred from the engine horsepower to the wheels is lost by 30~40%; i.e. when the engine horsepower is about 200hp, the wheel horsepower transferred to the wheels is 130~140hp but the product compensates for it and meets the power near to actual engine horsepower. The car power plays a very important role. A 25ton truck or limousine bus has a 380~450hp of engine horsepower but many drivers upgrade the vehicle power and usually it is increased by 50hp with the program, which puts stress on the engine and causes troubles. However, PRAUS increases naturally the output of the horsepower without bad effect on the vehicle. For this reason, a luxury car uses 500~650hp engine because it needs basic energy for performance such as safety, accelerating power, riding quality and cornering. A car needs all kinds of energies such as kinetic energy, potential energy, rest energy and braking energy used for all equipment so spare energy should be distributed. For example, if all energy is sent to driving by accelerating without reserving any spare energy for braking, the brake does not work well due to the weakened braking force and it may bring a danger at a sudden braking. Likewise, the basic performance of a car can be fully showed only when the basic horsepower is strong enough. .

As a bowling ball has a strong straightness when it is thrown strongly while it runs to the side when it is thrown weakly, whatever a good system is installed, it will be a useless thing if the basic car power is weak.

The PRAUS-installed car increases the car power and also removes load as a benefit of return, so it helps the piston stroke to be soft and smooth and the accelerator pedal to be light. Therefore it works only with touching it with a foot rather than the concept of stepping on it. A car goes ahead lightly even with light touch of the foot and it has an excellent accelerating power so it shortens the distance to reach maximum speed, provides a good riding quality and a comfortable and safe driving on snowy, rainy, uphill, downhill or curved road.

The reason that car accidents occur frequently on snowy road is that the spin is generated because of unbalanced rotation ratio when the brake pedal or accelerator pedal is stepped on so the car turns left when the wheels are twisted right, which makes it difficult to control the car. If PRAUS is installed, the grip force gets better and prevents the wheels from leaning aside. In addition, it makes the braking easy so a car runs the snowy road easily and climbs uphill conveniently and safely because the slipping backward is relieved. Snow chains are necessary but much cost should be paid for using them. The purchase price should be paid and it is inconvenient to install them. They are likely to be broken in a place without snow such as tunnel and it is not easy to remove the broken chains from the wheels. The PRAUS-installed vehicle does not need snow chains particularly. It provides metal stability and offsets the feeling of fatigue as well. It protects environment, extends life of a car, prevent troubles and is of much help to safe driving by removal of factors for a sudden start such as static electricity and knocking. In addition, it is not necessary to apply force to the foot on the acceleration pedal during driving and the speed is not reduced immediately even if the foot is taken off the pedal, so it is good for the driver’s health and it does not bring the difficult situation that the pedal should be stepped on fully when climbing the uphill in a underground parking lot because the car does not run forward if the pedal is stepped on lightly and then immediately on coming up the uphill, a sudden braking is required because of hill climbing at an immoderate speed. In addition, it provides the power of a small or aged vehicle with a good riding quality, safety and economic benefit like a medium car by improvement of power.


[Product Feature]



H4 * W6 * D 12.5 Cm


For further details, we will explain you in detail on your inquiry. .


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company information
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