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(Updated : May/15/2018)
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Model Nm KG-MC002
HS CODE 902730
M.O.Q 2 set - 100 set
Keywords Carbonlight., physical therapy, visible light, Alternative Medicine, Natural therapy
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[ Product Description ]


Why Light? Living creatures cannot survive without light (ray). Human also maintain the life breathing the air and taking the nourishment, and obtain necessary energy for reproduction and survival under the sunlight. Light and color is one of oldest therapy in human history, and full spectrum visible light therapy is the one that induces human biological change using sunlight or carbon light of fire which is artificial visible light made through burning of carbon. In the types of lights that are used in medical treatment, visible lights have duality of wavelength and particle, and when wavelength is emphasized, we call it a light wave, and when particle is emphasized, we call it a photon. There is a treatment using these characteristics of lights. Visible Light Therapy. It is applied to the treatment of many diseases or symptoms. Light can penetrate into our body and raise the temperature of deep part, which enhances level of immunity and kills all the germs or viruses. Carbonlight. We cannot survive without the sun as we cannot survive without water and air. Natural healing power is strengthened through the irradiation of safe light using most similar light to that of sunlight recognizing importance of light on the scientific base. Why diseases increase in spite of medical or scientific development? Since human did not make animals, we need lots of time and sacrifices to explain it. Riddles exist limitlessly. Phototherapy shows the possibility of cure controlling light energy which is essential to living things. It proves that a few % of light energy may cure the disease. There is still unknown area in light energy, but it can be one of treatment methods. 

Carbon Light Therapy Apparatus is......

Humanity worshiped the sun as a god in ancient times and they used sunlight as a treatment method of diseases. In medical history, Hippocrates (born in 500) who is regarded as the father of medicine started to use a light for the treatment. Since then, light treatment has been spread over the world with scientific and medical evidences. Hippocrates said “If disease cannot be cured by medicine, it should be cured by operation, and if it cannot be cured by operation, it should be treated by the heat.” It is to treat the affected part using the spectrum that is generated when carbon rod containing high purity elements is burned at high temperature.

Wavelength of visible lights...

390nm ~800nm wavelength among the lights is called visible lights area that we recognize as a light. Out of rainbow colors like purple, navy blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, yellowish green which is located at 555nm from these visible lights is known as the brightest one. Carbon and many elements are combusted and they changed to light energy which penetrates into the body deeply and makes good blood circulation increasing level of immunity and metabolism, which creates vitamins and increases calcium for smooth hormone secretion and cell proliferation.


[ Product Features ]



This product is consisted of main body, support and controller, and it is a low power light irradiator with energy density of less than 2W/㎠ which helps treat affected part by the irradiation of low power light that is generated when 2 carbon rods are combusted at high temperature through arc discharge.

● Explanation on exterior of product

A) Body






Body Head

Protective function of output generator overheating


Power Input


Power Input Cable for Carbon Rod



Functions such as Power ON/OFF, Heat Setting, Timer Setting etc.



Mobility Function


Support Fixture

Function of Fixation and Connection between control parts and heating parts


Power Cord

AC 220V 60㎐

B) Head 






Front Cover

Light output area, Protective function


Locking Apparatus

Fixation and support function of front cover


Observation Hole

Observation function of internal combustion of carbon rod


Ventilating Hole

Ventilating means of internal heat


Head Control Handles

Adjustable head by handles to the head up and down left and right


Carbon Rod

Ignition Switch

Ignition control function of carbon interval


Mobility Device

Control Function of the head height by using a rod


Safety Net

Structure for preventing hands from burn injuries.


Carbon Rod

Fixation Bolt

Function of fixing carbon rods


Carbon Rod

Function of combusting and generating light.


Bolt adjusting Length of Carbon Rod

Adjusting length of carbon rods / Fixation Function

C) Control Part






POWER Switch

Power ON/OFF Function



Time Setting Function:

Adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes


Selector Switch

HI/ LOW Setting Function


Output Connector

Output transfer function to carbon by changing inner trans power


Power Cable/Fuse

Input Power Cable / Built in Fuse (250V 10A)

6.3 Size

A) Body Size(Unit: mm)p4 

B) Body weight: 20Kg

C) Dimensions and Weight of Power Cable

- Dimensions (Unit: mm): Refer to the picture below

- Weight: 200g

Composition and features

1) Product Composition

This product is consisted of main body, controller, support, etc.

A) Main Body: Light Power Part

B) Controller: Power ON/OFF, Time Setting & Thermal Power Function

C) Support: It is connection column of thermal part and controller and

it adjusts height of thermal part.

D) Power Cord: AC 220V, 60 Hz Power Input

2) Product Feature

A) Principle of Operation

When the input power 220V/60Hz is supplied, all powers will be on standby. When you press ON/OFF switch of main body, high voltage is generated by transformer and voltage control relay, and light power and heat is generated by the heating of carbon rod. You can control hours of use, power strength, etc.

- Light power is generated by ignited carbon rod and power strength is controlled, and temperature is controlled by the attachment of temperature sensor and bimetal.

- Setting time can be adjusted up to max. 60 minutes using timer, it will be turned off when set time passes.

C) Rated Voltage: AC 220V/60 Hz, 1,300VA

D) Protection Type and Degree of Electricity: 1stClass,BTypeMountingPart

E) Safety Device

- Power is shut off at overcurrent by installing the fuse of 250V, 10A at both ends of power input of the equipment.

- Equipment is automatically shut off after set time.




A. Function

1) Rated Voltage and Frequency: AC 220V, 60㎐

2) Power Consumption: 1,300VA

3) Protection Type and Degree of Electricity: 1stClass,BTypeMountingPart

4) Hours of Use: 60 minutes max. by continuous adjustment

5) Power Strength

- High : 0.03 W/cm2,Low:0.027W/cm2

6) Power Wavelength: 200 ~ 2100 nm

7) Output Type: Continuous Output

8) Output Temperature

- High: 32 ℃, Low: 30 ℃

9) Irradiation Area: Ø 105 mm

B. Purpose of Use

- Apparatus to be used in the treatment using light power with energy density less than 20J/㎠ or 2W/㎠




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company information
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