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Salted Pllack Slices(Pd No. : 3019580)

(Updated : Jan/09/2018)
product information
Model Nm
HS CODE 160419
Ceritification FDA
Keywords No coloring and no preservatives, Alaskan Pollack, Raw Alaskan Pollack
Seller ID ljy6622

[Product Description]

High-protein,low-fat,and low-calorie healthy food that can be used for various dishes. Goes well with Naengmyeon,Bossam,and Suyuk.

[Product Features]

Bronze medalist for Daejon Seafood Brand Competition 2011

400g ,600, 1kg

For the salted fish_
Excellence of salted fish
Korean salted-seafood was already recognized as nutritious fermented seafood by UN University in 1986,
and its excellence was introduced to the world.
Nutritionists around the world acknowledged that Korean salted-seafood is excellent food in many ways.
It is rich in lactic acid bacteria, vitamin, mineral, and its taste is excellent due to a distinct fermentation
process. Salted-seafood is high in calcium, and it plays an important role in neutralizing the body fluid as it is alkaline food.

Six Major Effects
• Proteolysis and lipolysis
• Supplement essential amino acids(lysine)
• Biological activity from useful component content
- Nitrate decomposition
- Mutation suppression effects
- Prevention of adult diseases :
Removal of thrombolytic substance Anti-aging, anti-cancer effect, antioxidation
• Accelerate the ripening of food
• Improvement of appetite
• Supply nutritious minerals and vitamin A, B


Company Information

company information
Contact Person Lee ji Yeon
Company donghwafood
Homepage www.dhfood.koreasme.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/donghwafood--1064350
Tel 0336356611 Fax 0336355563
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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