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(Updated : Nov/19/2015)
product information
Model Nm P34
HS CODE 610712
M.O.Q 720 PCS
Keywords Underwear, Boxer shorts, Boxer Briefs, Underpants, Sportwear
Seller ID gamyu5
Payment Card Master VISA JCB

[Product Description]

It is an original boxer brief product that every man will enjoy wearing. It is a systematic type of underpants that provides immediate freshness and comfort when worn with its specialized separation system.

Even when this product is worn for daily activities or even while doing intense exercise, the top and bottom storage spaces retain their shape. Its separation system naturally separates the private area from both thighs, thus providing a pleasant wearabilityas if you’re not wearing underwear!

This product is suitable for all malesathletes who play intense sports, laborers who sweat heavily, office workers who sit in front of their desks for a long time, solders who engage in combat drills, men who work under the hot sun, fat men, climbers, adolescent boys, etc.

It provides “pleasant wearability without the sticky feeling” for all men.

[Product Features]

Size : 100(M) 105(L) 110(XL) 115(XXL)

Length : MID / Length of the middle thigh

Material : Polyester 92%, Polyurethane 8%

(92% Hyosung Aerocool has rapid absorption and drying functions.)

Country of origin : Made in Korea

[Company Introduction]

Gamyu is a manufacturer of men’s functional underwear. In April 2013, the company began to research and develop men’s functional underpants, and the patent for our products was registered in February 2014. Since then, Gamyu has produced functional underpants, which they have applied for trademark application and international patent to 37 countries in Madrid and the Patent Corporation Treaty (PCT). It is a venture business that vigorously exports to the world market.

Our products satisfy 99% of our customers. Experience the amazing wearability in person.

GAMYU removes stickiness in its underpants to provide comfort.

1. Ergonomic design

It feels comfortable as the product is designed to conform and fit the male body.

2. Natural separation and storage system

It adopts separation for its space respectively, thus providing a cozy and comfortable fit as the product is able to release high temperature and humidity.

3. From comfort to concentration

This valuable underwear product provides comfortable wearability allowing the wearer to concentrate more on their daily activities, such as studying.

The world’s first complete separating-type underpants

GAMYU removes stickiness with its three-time separating feature.

It creates gaps in the underwear, separating the top, bottom, left, and right areas, thus preventing skin contact and removes the sticky feeling caused by conventional underwear.

GAMYU provi[]des comfort by maintaining such condition in any position.

Our men’s underpants are functional underwear that can remove the sticky displeasure caused by sweat with its natural separation and comfortable storage technology when worn.

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person Sujeung-Oh
Company GAMYU
Address 314. 160 Techno2-ro, Yuseong-go, Daejeon Korea
Homepage www.gamyu.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/gamyu--EC088789
Tel 0423897856~7 Fax 0423897859
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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